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District 3450

District 3450

Apr 17 Regular Meeting PDF Print E-mail
Written by Elizabete Fong   
Friday, 18 April 2014 23:29

Apr17CApr17JanetBdayphotoApr17BDear Fellow Rotarians

Happy Easter Holiday to you all !

We had our 40th Meeting last night , attended by :-

15 Rtns - KC, Kevin, Stella, Synthia, Janet, Maeder, ET, Peter, Maneiras, Gary, Ip, Fred, Choi, Andy and Elizabete

4 Guests- Becky (  Keith's lovely wife), Josina (Synthia's beautiful daughter), Antonio Coutinho ( ex Rtn ) and Trent Newcomb ( his 3rd visit)

We were so glad to welcome back Maeder who came back in time for our Sat Annual Ball and he was such a great supporter that he bought one table at the Ball and even pay his annual Club Fee of $3800 for next year 2014-15. Hon Treasurer Ricardo must be very pleased with such advance collection.

There was also a surprise birthday celebration for Janet with a lovely birthday cake and 3 bottles of Perrier Jouillet , contributed by some anonymous Rtns. Well, thank you so much as the Perrier Jouillet was drank in no time. Josina brought flowers and her beautiful hand-painted birthday card which for sure touched Janet's heart tremendously. Check out the big happy smile on her face.

The meeting ended with quite a few rounds of jokes by PP Fred, Keith and Ip. One was even on  two engineers present - ET and Antonio.

Club Announcements

1. Cancel 2 club meetings -  Apr 24 and May 1. So we will see you again on May 8 at Venetian.

2. May 24 District Training Assembly- PE Kevin will appoint 8 club officers to join. If there's spare seat, Rotarians are welcome to join so please inform PE Kevin is you are interested.

3. Club Charter Night@ Fat Siu Lau on Jun 19 ( Thurs ). So please mark your diary to join and bring your families /friends to celebrate our 67th birthday.

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Apr 10 Regular Meeting PDF Print E-mail
Written by Elizabete Fong   
Saturday, 12 April 2014 19:25

Dear Fellow Rotarians

Our 39th club meeting on Thursday was attended by 13 Rotarians ( KC, Kevin, Stella, ET, Gary, Ip, Florence, Synthia, Choi, Peter, Guy , Yasmin and Liz) . We were so happy to welcome back two guests: Guy's lovely mom and Trent from Macao International School . Box collection was $320.

PP ET as always delighted us talking about  his wonderful time in Chiang Mai last few months . He also introduced two books for us to read: ' Changing Landscape of Singapore' and  Al Gore book on climate change. The book on Singapore apparently offers much insights into the successful factors for Singapore today.  Our thanks to ET for enlightening us with more cultural pursuits.

Guy will be taking his dear Mom on a 10-day tour of Vietnam, continuing his heritage tour. Then, he will be off to Paris so we will miss him in our Annual Ball. Nevertheless, his lovely wife Vicki will come with his Mom to enjoy a hot Brazilian night ! Have a fantastic trip in Vietnam.

Club Announcements

- Regular Meeting Cancellations

-->Apr 24 ( Thurs ) due to Annual Ball on Apr 26.

-->May 1  ( Thurs ) due to Labour Holiday

- Apr 26 67th Annual Ball, our ball tickets are ready so for those who have not yet paid for the 5 tickets , please hurry so we can deliver the tickets to you so you can invite your guests timely. For those who have paid but not yet collect your tickets, pls contact Ball Chair Kevin or Liz.

- June Chartered Social Night at Fat Siu Lao. Date will be advised shortly.

Apr 3 Meeting-Speaker Dr Kit Kelen, Prof of English , University of Macau PDF Print E-mail
Written by Elizabete Fong   
Sunday, 06 April 2014 13:23

Apr3 2 1Dear Fellow Rotarians

Last Thursday meeting ( Apr 3 ) was an intellectual and inspiring evening  with Dr Christopher ( Kit ) Kelen, Professor of English, UMAC speaking on creative writing via poetry, short stories and literature. We were introduced to his  NGO - ASM ( Association of Stories in Macau) which so far has published 100 books of bilingual poetry from Australia, Macau, HK and China. Our Club sponsored airfare to his student to Australia for poetry translation project and was for 3rd year running.

We have 14 Rtns , a visiting ex-Rotarian from Queensland Trent Newcomb, currently as Boarding Director at Macau International School , Perry Lam ( guest of KC) and of course our Guest Speaker Prof Kelen and his PHD student Jo Cheng Cheng.  (Box Collection $310)

Apr3 4 1The meeting ended culturally with Prof Kelen and Jo reciting a few beautiful poems in English and Mandarin. Truly a very different fellowship evening as even PP Kazu and PP Ip could not participate with a joke or two.

Club Announcements:

Apr 26 'Brazil Brazil' Annual Ball is just round the corner. The ball tickets are ready and were distributed during the meeting to those who have paid their ball dues.  For those who have paid , pls come to next wk Apr 10 meeting to pick up your tickets so you can send to your guests.  For those who have yet to pay, pls hurry as it's less than 3 wks away and tables are selling out fast !!!

District Announcement :

District Assembly on May 24 ( Sat ) at Regal Airport Hotel HK and very special hotel rates are offered with courtesy from DGE Belinda . For those who wish to take opportunity to visit Disneyland after the assembly with your family, this is worth considering. I will send you the hotel rates in due course.

Our two Rotaract Clubs are invited to form teams to join May 25 Triathlon in HK to support HK Bone Marrow Foundation. DG Eugene has kindly donated HK$10,000 to the winning Rotaracto Club. Will Rotaract Advisors please work with respective Club

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Mar 27 Meeting- Visiting DGE Satpal , D3120, Allahabad,India PDF Print E-mail
Written by Elizabete Fong   
Sunday, 30 March 2014 16:13

Dear Fellow Rotarians,

Mae27photo 2 1This week's meeting , attended by 14 members, was pleasantly highlighted with the visit of 1415 DGE Satpal Gulati , District 3120, Allahabad , India with his lovely Rotarian-Ann. DGE Satpal was in Macao to prepare for his District Assembly to be held at Venetian on May 13, 2014.  He's expecting over 300 Rotarians from his District to  come and he also extended a warm invitation for our club members to join his Assembly.Mar27photo 3

It was a chatty evening which ended with a toast to RI, DGE Club Allahabad and our RC Macau club. Box Collection $500.

Club Announcements

- Coming wk's Apr 3 meeting, we have  a Guest Speaker Professor Kit Kelen and his PHD student Jo You Chengcheng, University of Macau. Topic : The ASM/Flying Islands Poetry Translation Program- Current Projects and Future Plans

-On request of PP Kazu, I like to provide details of our

Apr 26 ( Sat ) 'Brazil Brazil ' Annual Ball @Venetian Ballroom :-

Each member 5 tickets@$800 = total $4000

One table ( 10 px)                     = total $7000

We already sold 20  full table. This is in addition to the many loose tickets that each member is obliged to buy unless he/she already bought a table. SO HURRY UP IF YOU WISH TO PURCHASE A TABLE INSTEAD OF LOOSE TICKETS

Payment : cash, cheque or BNU bank deposit #9005169083. For bank deposit, pls pls make sure you send a copy of the deposit slip to either Ricardo or Pauline

District Announcements

-Rotary International on Mar 27 together with World Health Organisation declared South East Asia Polio-free, including India which did not have a polio case in past 3 years.

- PP Dinner on Apr 11 at Mega Box, Kowloon Bat, HK. P KC urged those PP's who wish to go but haven't enrolled to RIC, to do so asap .

Last Updated on Friday, 11 April 2014 22:44
Mar 13 Regular Meeting - Speaker IPDG Kenneth on Organ Donation PDF Print E-mail
Written by Elizabete Fong   
Friday, 14 March 2014 22:26

Mar13photo 2Dear Fellow Rotarians

We all must feel proud about our District's Organ Donation Project now extending to China and hope in the future to Macao too. IPDG Kenneth was our speaker last night on ' Rotary Organ Donation Project ' and the coming Mar 19/20 International Organ Forum in Guangzou.


16 Rotarians : KC, Kevin, Stella, Liz, Ip, Gary , Choi, Fred, Keith, Maneiras, Peter, Janet, Shaun, Guy, Pauline and Yasmin

2 Guests :  Madam Marysa, beloved mother of Guy; Walter Ko, guest of P KC

Guest Speaker: IPDG Kenneth Wong


- IPDG Kenneth gave an inspiring and touching talk on Rotary Organ Donation Project progress after its launch in HK about a year ago. It's theme ' LOVE.HOPE'  will be extensively promoted with launch of new website iSaveLife.hk,  mobile application for organ donation,  famous artist  Tsang Tze  Wa as ROD ambassador ,OCTOPUS card and ROD Action Groups in  HK . The Organ Donation Forum in Guangzhou on Mar 19/20 will kick off a series of collaboration efforts between China and HK to call for organ donors to save life.Mar13photo 1

We were also shared by Janet and Shaun on  the much higher level of organ donors in USA partly facilitated by the ease of becoming an organ donor whereby when one applies or renew a driving licence on the machine, there is a button to confirm as a donor . Then the driving licence will automatically print ' organ donor ' on it.

- President KC reported that the UK Summer Camp student selection was complete and he together with PE Kevin, PP Ip and HS Elizabete met the two students ( F4 and F5 , a boy and a girl ) at St Paul's School in the afternoon and were impressed.  The School also welcomed our club's proposal to start a mentorship program for a group of their high grade students which will involve some of our Rotarians.

Last Updated on Friday, 11 April 2014 23:01
Mar 20 Meeting - Guest Speaker from FringeBacker PDF Print E-mail
Written by Elizabete Fong   
Saturday, 22 March 2014 17:40

Mar20photo 3Dear Fellow Rotarians

Well, well you missed a lot if you did not attend our Mar 20  Thurs regular meeting at Venetian ! It was a hot stimulating evening of interesting dinner talk and much hugs and chat with our long-missed friends Rtn Thomas Reitzig, PP Jim O'Mullan with his lovely wife KK, Nancy and Jennifer, wife and daughter of late PP Tony Wilkinson .

We have a big group of 26 with :-Mar20photo 4

- 15 members

- guest speaker : Maryann Hwee and Henry Southern from FringeBacker

- PP Ip Guests : Wilson and Edith from YMCA

- PP Stella Guests: Nancy and Jennifer Wilkinson

- Alumnus PP Jim and wife KK O'Mullan

- PP Synthia and Liz 's  guests from Brazilian Association


Maryann , Founder and CEO of Fringebacker enlightened  us on  a novel model of creative fund -raising , how to find potential ' fund-investors' , how to market /create publicity for  a fund-raiser ' product'  . Fringebacker is an online platform providing the consulting  bridge between fund-raiser and the potential donors. For those  who are interested , please visit their website www.fringebacker.com.hk.

Thomas had a long update to share with us, having been away, working in Germany for quite a long while . He touched everyone present that the warm welcoming family feeling  he had in our club was no match in the clubs he visited in the past.  Bet PP Stella's supply of Aveleda white wine was partly the reason ! Thomas, we promise you free flow and stock of Aveleda await you in your Macau Rotary home so do try to come back more often in future.

Jim , our PP for 2000-01 brought his lovely wife KK for a brief homecoming reunion with us. Jim, who's copied here, was so kind to accept our invitation to be our  first member of RC Macau Alumni and we will keep you posted of our club's programs, community and social .  We are so glad that you and KK are living happily and healthily in Malaysia but do come back to see us whenever you feel like some Portuguese food and wine and, of course, missing your old friends at Rotary

We also had a small farewell to Rtn Natasha who is embarking on a new assignment in Dubai. She loves our club so much that she will remain in our club and promised to come back and join our club events whenever she can. Thank you Natasha . We will miss you and your Ice Wine . Bon voyage from all of us and all the best to your new venture .

Pls check out photos attached for the evening

Box Collection : $1000

Last Updated on Friday, 11 April 2014 23:08
Mar 6 Regular Meeting PDF Print E-mail
Written by Elizabete Fong   
Sunday, 09 March 2014 22:45

Mar6photo 1Dear Fellow Rotarians

We resumed regular meeting back at Venetian on Thurs which was attended by 13 Rotarians ( KC, Stella, Kevin, Liz, Choi, Kazu, Keith, Florence, Synthia, Andy, Pauline, Maneiras and Peter). Stella brought a guest Ms Shirley Ma, General Manager of Li & Fung Macau branch. She was posted from HK recently and hope PP Stella will bring her to our club more often as potential member ?We are still striving to increase one more member to meet this year's membership growth goal.

President KC presented AG Florence with the Paul Harris Major Donor plague and pin and congratulated her for her generous and consistent contribution to PH Foundation . Our club first Major Donor PP Keith was invited to picture together with 2nd Major Donor Florence.

PP Kazu posed a request on organizing joint meeting with RC Kowloon North which used to be our friendly club on a few co-op service projects.  President KC noted to follow up.  PP Keith reminded about our sponsored poem translation project which a talk  is pending. A proposed date of Apr 3 was noted and PP Keith will write to Dr Kelin for confirmation.

Announcements to note:-

-  Mar 16 Mtg Guest Speaker IPDG Kenneth Wong on Organ Donation Project.

- Mar 20 Mtg Guest Speaker Maryanne Hwee, Founder of FringeBacker Company on ' Crowd-funding'

- Apr 26 67th Annual Ball @ Venetian. Tickets are selling fast as nearly 10 tables sold already to our Rotarians and those from other clubs. So hurry is you wish to reserve one table.  Otherwise for your 5 tickets ( total MOP$4000), kindly pay by cheque when you come for our club meetings or preferably deposit into our club BNU MOP bank acct 9005169083 soonest your convenience. Remember to mail /appls back copy of your bank-in slip to Ball Treasurer Pauline and Hon Treasurer Ricardo for prompt recording of your payment.

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